Summer 2013, Integrity was converted to an HD MU. It now features an Nvision 512 x 512 HD router, GV *Karrera HD switcher with new K-Frame, GV LDX HD cameras, a 6 channel and 4 channel XT2 EVS with newly released *XFile3 file exchange and archive system,  2 channel HD Fast Forward, Chyron Hyper X3, Miranda 80 monitor multi-viewer, 5760 x 3240 pixel production monitor wall and HD monitoring throughout.


    In addition to the electronics upgrade, the interior space was completely updated and improved. User ergonomics were the key factor in all changes.  New larger counters, new seating, rack layouts, and equipment placement were all carefully planned for the comfort of our clients.

    This mobile production unit is engineered for quick setup and efficient production.  Features a walk-through design between engineering, EVS/Tape, production and a separate, isolated audio control room.

    Wired for 16 CCU’s, 16 frame syncs, 20 UDX converters. Integrity is equipped to handle local, regional and network productions.



Contact us at:

CMG-Mobile Productions

390 South Lombard Rd.

Itasca,  IL. 60143


*Click here for Karrera/K-Frame info.
*Click here for XFile3 info.
Click here for XFile3 user manual
Click here for Karrera user manual

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